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Bring Your Design

So you have a keyboard idea, but aren't sure how to make the jump from the design files to the next steps. Let CannonKeys turn your design into reality!

CannonKeys Advantages

  • Let your skills shine - We can handle production, sales, marketing, logistics, and customer support, so you can focus on dialing in your design without having to worry about the rest.
  • Captivate the world - Let your design reach across the globe through our network of partnered vendors.
  • Only as designers know - We're designers ourselves as well, with knowledge of how to make your project succeed from both a designer's and vendor's perspectives.


To make sure we can meet your expectations, there are some minimum requirements for each project.
Please check this list and make sure your design meets the conditions before reaching out.

  • Completed Design - Please bring a completed keyboard design. Both 3D and 2D drawings should have been finished. If you're willing to show us a working prototype, that is a huge leg up in convincing us to potentially take on your project!

  • Ready for Production - Please make sure the design is physically producible - for example, we can't accept CNC designs where all internal corners have a 0mm radius.
    Catching some mistakes and oversights is fine - and we'll apply our expertise to try to catch these issues - but we do expect designs to meet a certain level of manufacturability.

  • Practical Limits - If your design is impractical to run, we may have to reject it.
    Some examples of such a design are:

    • Too many parts
    • Really big keyboard footprint
    • High machining complexity
    • Fail rate too high (many polished surfaces, failing to machine properly due to lack of structural integrity)
    • Lacking physical robustness (i.e. would bend, collapse, or crumple during shipping, handling, or use)
    • Too complex or difficult to assemble for someone without prior keyboard assembly experience
    • Too many variants, combinations, and/or options
    • Design elements that exceed the capabilities of our partnered factories
  • Business Sustainability - At the end of the day, we have to remain profitable to continue our goal of bringing keyboard projects to reality - this means we can't take on too much, or choose projects we think might compromise the sustainability of our business. We may have to reject projects based on our schedule and availability. We might also pass on projects which might not fit our company goals, or might not resonate with our audience.

  • Truly Yours - Your design should be yours - please don't use intellectual property and others' ideas within your design if you don't have permission to use it.
    If you are looking to run an officially licensed design, it may or may not be feasible depending on whether we can get approval from the entity owning the rights.

Contact Us

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us via our designer collaboration form and we will reach back out for further steps.

CannonKeys is proud to work with designers inside and outside the keyboard community. However, we kindly request that you do not submit any unsolicited ideas or suggestions.

CannonKeys is under no obligation to respond to an unsolicited idea. CannonKeys is not bound by confidentiality for any unsolicited submission.