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PCB Commissions

Need a unique PCB unlike any other? We've got you covered!

  • Minor edits to an existing PCB such as changing the board logo, adding a caps lock indicator, etc. can be done quickly for minimal fees. For a list of available PCBs, see the PCB resources page.
  • Further edits such as adding or moving keys and changing the board outline can be done based on existing PCBs as well. Please check our available PCBs on the PCB resources page to see if there's something similar to what you desire.
  • Large-scale modifications and entirely from-scratch PCB commissions may take some time - let us know your requirements and we'll let you know if it's possible for us to do.


For us to help you with a PCB, we need some information from you!

  • Completed Requirements - Please bring a completed list of requirements, being as specific as possible. Without these requirements, we won't be able to start on your commission. For minor edits, please provide the exact changes you need. If anything involves positions or dimensions, please provide a DXF or STEP file.
    For custom commissions, we will ask for the minimum of the following up-front:
    • PCB Outline (DXF or STEP if custom, name of another of our own PCBs if identical)
    • Layout compatibility (KLE preferred, with an explanation if there's something tricky)
    • Connector positions (marked on DXF or STEP if custom, name of another of our own PCBs if identical)
    • Connector type (onboard USB-C, daughterboard JST or Molex connector, etc.)
    • LED features: Indicators and their positions if any, backlight support if desired, RGB underglow, etc.
    • Misc features: Rotary encoder position if any, any feature that you desire that isn't listed yet
  • Certainty - Please make sure your requirements are final before commissioning a PCB. Changes during the process will take additional time, and we will likely have to charge extra if the requirements change. In the worst case, we may even require a brand new commission.
  • Possibility - While we can handle most PCB requests in the keyboard space, some features may be quite time consuming to implement. We might choose to pass on a commission depending on our availability. In this case, we can refer you to some of our trusted PCB partners.

Contact Us

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us via our designer collaboration form and we will reach back out for further steps.

CannonKeys is proud to work with designers inside and outside the keyboard community. However, we kindly request that you do not submit any unsolicited ideas or suggestions.

CannonKeys is under no obligation to respond to an unsolicited idea. CannonKeys is not bound by confidentiality for any unsolicited submission.