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Content Partners

Fuel your content and audience by partnering with us.

CannonKeys partners with content creators from around the world to increase reach and awareness of our projects. We’re always looking to add additional partners with shared values. Whether your channel is established or new, explore if a partnership is right for you.

How it works

  • We send established or upcoming products that aligns with your content and audience.
  • We share design and product details, technical specifications, and any product-specific instructions (ie. prototype keyboard assembly).
  • For new products, we share timelines and any time considerations that may exist.


  • Sending new products: In some cases of limited supply, our newest partners aren’t able to receive a requested product.
  • Product Reviews: Once we share all project details and highlights, a content partner would then determine how best to share this with their audience. We do not request editorial control, we simply ask for a fair and honest review.
  • Product Conditions: We ask for collaboration and cooperation. Our standard arrangement is to share specific instructions on when and where to send back the product that was reviewed. Additionally, we do not allow for the sale or raffling of our reviewed products.
  • Keyboard Assembly: We require all of our content partners to be skilled on keyboard assembly.
  • Audience: We work with creators with audiences large and small. Our primary criteria examines the intersection of our potential customers and a partner’s audience.

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